Local Rugby legend extols the merits of Mint-Ease
Simon Barugh of Alcester RFC

Mint-Ease was introduced to me some time ago, in its original form – UDDERMINT – used on Dairy cows to soften swollen and inflamed udders.

As a rugby player, probably in my 30’s at the time, I was an ideal candidate to check the prospective merits of this product as a pre match embrocation.

“I’m not going to rub my body with some sort of polo flavoured paste” I protested “especially when it’s meant for cows udders – no chance”!

However my legs seemed to disagree with the protestations and I had to admit that for once I felt like an athlete even if I smelt like an “After Eight”.

Anyway to cut a very long story short, I continued to use Mint-Ease  on back and legs throughout the rugby season, also using it for a similar purpose prior to playing squash. We were now getting through quite a bit, as half of my team had decided that “Uddermint” totally outshone “Algipan”.

I allegedly played my last game of rugby on my 63rd birthday, winning my first “sevens” trophy in 42 years. Sadly I can only manage squash one a week these days, but without the help of my Mint-Ease I’m not sure even that would be possible.


I recently was sent by my doctor to see a recommended physio, due to a particularly bad back. The young lady was very good and a strong lower back massage helped relieve the pain.

When she had finished she said “I’m going to put some cream on your back, it does smell of peppermint, is that OK?”

As you can imagine, it was just like being at home, the only difference of course is that this young lady was a professional. I know why they have decided to use “Mint Ease”, because I have been trusting in it for years and the most important thing is – it works!

Simon Barugh – Life Member Alcester RFC


Posted: January 26th, 2012